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Organic Series

Made of organic flour imported from Australia and Finland, organic sugar imported from Brazil, and organic soybean oil imported from Italy, all our food materials are organically certified by Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation to provide our customers with delicious and safe meals.

Sugar-free Series

Maltose, which is similar to sucrose in flavor and texture, is mainly applied to create our sugar-free series. With sweetness degree approximately 0.8-0.9 times that of sucrose, maltose is both fresh and smooth in texture. Since maltose cannot be easily broken down by bacteria that reside in human mouth, it is suitable for those who are concerned about personal oral hygiene. Likewise, since maltose cannot be easily absorbed by human body, it is also suitable for diabetic patients who need to maintain their glucose and insulin at a normal level.

Classic Sourdough

Without extra spices, emulsion, and dough enhancer further added, unbleached wheat flour is applied to make our steamed bun series in the most traditional way. Under long term fermentation, our steam buns provide our customers with sweet fragrance and chewy texture unattainable by general steamed buns that only undergo short-term fermentation.

Catering Series

Great restaurant chefs were recruited by our factory to create all kinds of delicious desserts and prepared meals. We are committed to deliver our master flavor directly to you.

LOHAS Series

Without artificial flavors, artificial coloring, chemical additives, and food preservatives further added, our LOHAS series will provide you with the most natural flavor. In today's world where all kinds of chemicals fill up the food market, we still insist on using local natural ingredients in our food products to provide you with the most natural flavor.