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April 1st, 1995
  • Tsan Yu Yen Food Co., Ltd. was officially established to provide all kinds of desserts to restaurant and catering industry. Being a good partner to chefs, the company mainly provides Chinese frozen desserts and prepared frozen food.
  • A new brand Home Bake was established to provide diabetic patients with sugar-free cookies series through medical channels.
  • Working together with "Li-Ren Organic Food" and "Homemakers United Foundation", Home Bake has successfully developed several organic food such as organic turnip cake, organic Chinese new year cake, and organic steamed bun.
  • Our sugar-free cookies were first exported to Mainland China.
  • Our sugar-free cookies were first exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and Philippines.
October 28, 2009
  • 1Organically certified by Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation, our sugar-free cookies and frozen food (e.g.: steamed buns with fillings, steamed buns without fillings, traditional rice products, glutinous rice dumplings and glutinous rice balls) were first exported to the USA and Canada.
  • Our frozen food was first exported to England.
  • Our sugar-free cookies were first exported to Myanmar.
  • February: Our organic cookies officially passed USDA's inspection.
  • April: New factory was built.
  • Our sugar-free cookies were first exported to Japan and Australia. Our sugar-free cookies officially passed Hong Kong Parknshop Supermarket's inspection.
  • Our sourdough steamed bun series were first sold in PX Mart.