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How can we make eggrolls without using flour and eggs? To allow all kinds of animal species to return to their original habitats, Li-Ren Organic Food has made a special effort to promote "Taiwan Good Rice" to the general public. After years of mutual collaborations with local farmers, our water becomes clear, our air becomes fresh, and our soil becomes fertile. Great amount of "Taiwan Good Rice" are harvested at the end of each year. But how can we attract more people to enjoy the sweet fragrance and chewy texture of "Taiwan Good Rice"? Under joint efforts from Li-Ren and Tsan Yu Yen, we have successfully developed eggrolls without using eggs and flours (local brown rice is used instead). With sweet milk fragrance and crunchy texture, our rice eggrolls will provide you with a fantastic food experience you've never encountered before.

Each eggroll represents our commitment to promoting Taiwan Good Rice.
Each bite provides you with authentic flavor of local brown rice.

(No purchasing service is made available on the official website.)

Our eggrolls will be sold only through Li-Ren outlets.